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Peter Nolsen:

5 Paintings for sale (a limited art book with signature included):

Artist Peter-Nolsen

Price on request. Send an email to info@NewDawnGallery.com or call +31 6 14591975

Dimensions frame: 66 x 52 cm

Dimensions artwork: 36,5 x 55 cm

Material: self made corn paper

*Each work of art contains a wax seal with his initial (the ornamental capital letter: ‘N’) whereby in two paintings, in the wax seal, a beard hair of Nolsen is incorporated.

Peter Nolsen, 1936 to the present, worked as an artist for the rich and famous. He knew the children of Pablo Picasso. About this, Nolsen said that Picasso’s son (who made frameworks for his father was always paid late by his father) his daughter did not even want to publicly announce that she was a daughter of Picasso, according to Nolsen. Peter Nolsen was allowed an audience with the Daila Lama (while a former Portuguese presidential candidate had to wait for the Daila Lama because Nolsen preceded him), and there are rumors that Nolsen also made art for Hillary Clinton’s mother, John Kerry’s wife and Madonna.

These works are likely to increase in value multiple times over the next ten to twenty years and thus, in addition to their enduring beauty, will also carry a potential increase in value.

If you are interested in obtaining more information about these 5 works of art, you may contact me.

I’d be happy to hear from you.

With kind regards,

Olivier Rensing

The Netherlands

Pricing information on request

telephone number: +31 6 1459 1975

Peter-Frans de Graaf

Titel: AAN ZEE (Ode aan Friedrich) 2017

Techniek: Gouache op papier

Afmeting: 60 x 92 cm

Who is Ian Rystron? Even this website doesn’t know!

A most impressive artwork! The above painting shows a scene of a black woman breastfeeding a white baby while the black lady’s wrist is chained. Meanwhile, the black lady’s leg has fallen off and is now growing attached to the white baby, causing it to grow up on black legs. A very strong work by the unknown and anonymous Ian Rystron, purchased in Maimi, Florida 1990s.

Dimensions of the work: 61 x 51 cm

Technique: Acryl on canvas

Price on request. Send an email to info@NewDawnGallery.com or call +31 6 14591975

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